Curriculum Overviews

As a small school with mixed age and cross phase classes we have to consider the skills and coverage we plan and provide for our children very carefully. We have worked hard to ensure we are delivering a cumulative curriculum where learning is memorable and enables children to apply their knowledge and skills across their learning. We want to make sure all our children have the cultural capital and life experiences necessary prior to new learning taking place. We have budgeted a large portion of our Pupil Premium funding to go towards trips and inviting professionals in to school to share their experiences and make learning as real and exciting as possible. We want to give the children inspiration as to what they will be when they grow up and the skills and pathways they can take to acheive their goals. At Pinfold we understand the requirements of our modern world and are determined to equip our children with the skills, understanding and knowledge to go on and lead happy, fulfilled lives.

We believe in the Forest School approach to learning and are in the beginnings of making this a reality. We take as much of our learning out of the classroom as possible and ensure we enable our children to keep their minds open and enquiring.

Please see the files below with our curriculum overviews. 

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