Exam Results

Key Stage 2 Results
Due to the small number of children in each year at our school our results are difficult to report in percentages.For example one year may have 9 children in. This means that every child is worth 11%. If one of these children has a special need in a particular area it most likely means that 88% will achieve at least the expected level at the end of year 6. But if a year has only 2 pupils and one has a special need, results may show that only 50% achieved.

In July 2016 seven pupils took end of key stage 2 national tests.

Expected Progress is between -3 and +3 from end of Year 2 to end of Year 6.


  Maths Reading Writing


Grammar and spelling

Child 1 Greater Depth Expected Expected
Progress +7.5 -4.1 +0.9
Child 2 Greater Depth Expected Expected
Progress +6.4 +1.4 +0.2
Child 3 Greater Depth Expected Expected
Progress +17.2 +1.6 +4.8
Child 4 Expected Working towards Working Towards
Progress +7.9 +5.2 +1.9
Child 5 Expected Greater Depth Greater Depth
Progress +2.9 +12.5 +11.3
Child 6 Expected Expected Expected
Progress +6.7 +6.7 +6.3
Child 7 Working Towards Expected Working towards
Progress +0.7 -3.3 -5.7
Total progress +49.24 +20.15 +19.75

Explanatory Note
If all children progressed as was expected total progress would show 0.

All our progress is above that in all subjects.

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