PE and Sports Premium

Pinfold’s Use of Sports Premium Grant
Here at Pinfold Primary School we believe sport and physical activity is an important part of our children’s development. It helps our children develop confidence and also contributes to their overall attitude and behaviour. We also believe that participating in sports further develops, and strengthens, our sense of community as a school and, through participation in local high quality competitive sporting events, strengthens our links with the local community. We are inclusive and actively support and encourage all of our pupils, no matter their level of ability, to participate. Our pupils are confident, and supported, to challenge themselves through a wide range of curricula and extra curricula sports activities. The sporting opportunities are rich, varied and designed to challenge and stretch our pupils – no matter their ability. Most importantly they are fun and engaging.

Sporting success

We have had many successes over the past year including tag rugby plate winners, representing Pinfold in the Sefton one mile races, attendance at all able, gifted and talented events and sporting festivals and participation in a wide variety of sporting events organised by West Lancs Schools’ sports partnership. All our children Year 1 to Year 6 have taken part in inter school sporting events during the course of this year. In recognition of our sporting ethos Pinfold Primary School has been awarded the Sainsbury’s Schools Games Gold Award. This achievement makes us one of only two schools in the whole of West Lancashire that has been awarded the Gold standard for three years on the run.

In June 2017 all the junior children started completing a “Daily Mile” jog at lunchtime. This has now been extended to include year 2 children. The fitness and stamina of our children is noticeably improved.

The primary school sport premium is an additional funding from the government and has been received since 2014. This year the amount doubled to allow extra activities to take place. The funding has been provided jointly by the Department of Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport and will go directly to primary school head teachers to spend on improving the quality of PE and sport for all children. Funding for schools is calculated by the number of primary-aged pupils. The amount Pinfold Primary School receives was just over £16,000 this year.

Use of the primary school sport premium at Pinfold Primary

To ensure we make the most effective use of this money our school has focused on using it to improve our sports provision for all of our children no matter their age and no matter their ability. We have achieved this by providing additional activities, facilitated by specialist sports coaches and teachers, for all of our pupils, including nursery, and also by providing transport support.

This approach has enabled our school to extend the already rich and varied sports provision to incorporate a broader range of activities for all our pupils.

Pinfold, as other West Lancashire Schools, is advantaged by having an active sports partnership which supports local schools by offering a program of exciting and age appropriative sports for all children in our school, (including nursery children). These lessons are delivered on a half termly basis by a School Sports Specialist. Each half term the WLSP provides a School Sports Specialist who delivers coaching in their specialist area of the National Curriculum. All children have equal access to these lessons.

The 6 areas in which the school receives support include: Gymnastics, Dance, Invasion Games, Net and Wall, Striking and Fielding and Athletics and Outdoor Adventurous Activities. The School Sport Specialist not only delivers Curriculum PE lessons but provides continued professional development for school staff and delivers a weekly after school clubs. We also keenly take part in the annual “Dance Fever”, where the majority of our children perform on stage for an audience. In addition to the provision facilitated by a School Sports Specialist the school is a member of the West Lancashire Sports Partnership and has access to all the service/opportunities delivered by the partnership. We use 29% of our school sports grant to support this additional provision.

As our school hall is not big enough to safely carry out P.E. lessons with 26 Key Stage 2 children, some of the funding (4%) is used to hire the village hall for dance and gymnastic lessons. In addition we enable the delivery of high quality swimming lessons for all our children. We hold high regard to the teaching of swimming and the acquisition of skills to enable all our children (including nursery children) to have confidence in the water. To achieve this aim we have been able to provide the non-swimmers in our school with an extra 2 qualified swimming teachers, who work both in and out of the water with these children to improve their swimming performance. Additionally we now fund the non-swimmers lessons throughout the summer term with these same 2 extra instructors to ensure that their early acquired skills progress steadily right through the year. We use 24% of the grant to support this activity.

We pride ourselves on our strong ethos of inclusion and make sure that all our SEN children are fully included in all sporting activities. The grant has enabled us to take part in more inclusion events and release teaching assistants to accompany children to ensure that all their needs are accounted for, to support them and to make the most of their potential. Given the number of children with special educational needs at our school we have allocated 9%of the grant.

Extra funding has been spent on an active lunchtime assistant, who accompanies the children on their daily mile. She also organises active games during the lunchtime break. 21% of the grant.

We are in the process of purchasing running jackets for all our Pinfold Runners. 5% of our grant will be spent on these.

In order to ensure that our children have access to high quality competitive sports activities we make every effort to take part in all inter school sporting events, often taking two or three teams to events allowing all children who wish to take part to do so.

We feel it is of great importance to give all children an opportunity to represent the school. We aim to take away barriers to participation by providing transportation to the events free of charge. To do this we often need to use bus hire or staff cars. We also pay for transport to Borwick Hall for their adventure activity residential week. We also paid petrol costs for parents who needed to accompany their children due to complicated medical issues. Use of the sports premiums money has enabled the pupils to participate in more of these events and compete in a broader range of activities. We have used 3% of the grant to support this.

For a number of years we have bought in “Soccer Academy” on two occasions during the year. Trained instructors link football to a specific core subject, making a fun problem solving morning for the children. A small amount of the grant covers this activity.

Updating equipment and equipment repairs also takes a small amount of our grant.

Making sure our Pupils benefit

The School leadership team have overall responsibility for monitoring the sports provision in the School and the use of this additional money to further enhance what we do.

The Head Teacher, will report back to the main governing body and to you as parents, on how the sports premium fund is used in the school and the impact it is having.

At Pinfold we are very keen to ensure that the money is deployed to offer something extra for our pupils and to challenge them through a rich and varied diet of activities which are both fun and engaging. As part of this process the Sports Governor will observe a number of the specialist lessons over the forthcoming year; you, and your children, will be asked to feedback on the sports activities we offer. The sports governor observed the final week of the six week tennis block delivered to all children in the school. He spent the afternoon with the Children and noted:

“It was really impressive to see all the Children getting engaged in the tennis they had such a fun time and it was great to see them practicing their skills. The dedicated support of the specialist teacher really made a difference and the children clearly benefited from his expertise. I was really impressed that all the children, no matter their ability, were included. The activities were very varied and tailored to the different abilities of the pupils so all the pupils could get involved, develop their skills and to push themselves. I was also really very impressed by the Children themselves – how they worked together and how they supported each other. They were a real credit to the School’.

Sports Premium Funding 2017/18

Total Grant Received £16,460
Swimming Lessons and Transport
(Whole School 2 terms, non-swimmers a third term)
£ 3,950
Equipment for PE lessons £ 553
Transport to Sporting Events including Borwick £ 474
Soccer Academy visit
Delivering sports linked to curriculum
£ 225
West Lancashire School Sports Partnership
(Delivery for PE lessons and sports clubs)
£ 4,715
Extra lunchtime staff £ 3,332
Village Hall Hire £ 663
Running jackets £ 800
Supply to allow teachers/ support staff to attend courses £ 600
Balance Bikes (due into school summer term)
Key Stage 1
£ 500
Total Spend £15,812

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