Pupil Council

Our school encourages our children to have a voice, in their education, in how we run the school, local issues annd global issues. We educate them to know they have a responsibility to make our world better and to show them the channels they can use to acheive this.

During lock down our children have written to Rosie Cooper, MP, to see if she can help us regain access to the woods behind school. They have drafted a letter to our council to try and stop the catering department from issuing thousands of tiny plastic bottles for water to accompany cold packed lunches during the COVID period, which goes against Lancashire County Councils's 'Reducing plastic waste policy'.

Children are elected onto our Pupil Council. We are having a new set up in September 2020 and will be allocating roles specific to a subject. We are also including Sports Council. These children will be responsible for organising events, teams and 'Playground leaders' for dinner time play. We intend to have an Eco-team. The elections will take place in the first half of the Autumn term- watch this space for the successful candidates!

We have asked our children about their experiences of lock down and will continue to do this in September. Then the children will be actively involved in what we need to do to help them get back to learning.

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