Curriculum Intent and Ethos

Pinfold Primary School-

'Learning is our passion' 

We are

'Small but mighty!'

Curriculum Intent

We believe children have an unlimited capacity for learning and personal success: our challenging and inspiring curriculum will create independent, critical thinkers, confident, responsible and caring, high reaching learners who have the skills and knowledge to be able to keep themselves and others safe and happy: making our world a better place.

Our Aims

Are to be solution focused, succinct and jolly!
•    To create a safe, happy, secure, welcoming environment in which families can become actively involved.
•    To support families in keeping their children healthy and safe and helping them achieve their full potential.
•    To support families in promoting all aspects of their child's development, encouraging them to enjoy and achieve, and to make a positive contribution to their community.
•    To provide equal opportunities for all families regardless of ethnicity, gender, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or religion.

  • To create a common language where we actively challenge discrimination
  • to educate our children so they are excited about living in a rich, diverse twenty first century and want to keep it like that, not fight against it. There are 'no outsiders' in our school.
  • To provide an enabling environment, access or signposting to a range of support services and high quality resource facilities for parents/carers.

•    To encourage early identification and intervention of special needs.

Our Values
•    The best interests of our pupils will always be paramount in all our endeavours
•    We care for each other, we care for our school, we care for our community, for our world
•    We are inclusive – we foster a culture where children support and learn from each other
•    We embrace and value diversity – we value difference, we learn from one another and encourage respect and challenge discrimination
•    We are family orientated and work in partnership with parents and carers
•    We value our community and will endeavour to make a contribution to it whenever we can
•    We strive for excellence in everything we do
•    We celebrate success – no matter how small, no matter how large
•    We all reflect on what we do individually and collectively strive always to improve
•    We are ambitious for each other, we are ambitious for our school and for our impact on the world



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