Breakfast Club

At Pinfold we have a Breakfast club which runs from 7.45am until 9am.

Mrs. A. Sherratt runs and manages breakfast club.

Breakfast consists of a range of cereals, toast or brioche rolls but other tastes can be catered for on request. Milk or water are offered to drink.

We also offer a range of activities varying them every day, including an art/ craft activity every day, and lots of fun toys and games.

We have themed days or weeks such as breakfast got talent week, book week, American thanksgiving day and lots of seasonal activities or activities related to festivals such as Easter or Chinese New year.

We also do a mini sports morning and party at the end of the year.

Breakfast Club costs are £3, with or without breakfast. If you arrive after 8.15 it costs £1.50.

Please contact the school if you require any further information.


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