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Uniform Update for September 2020

Hello. I hope you are all enjoying your summer break. In September, because we are unsure of the swimming pool situation we will be having a second session of PE. In order to ensure our children are eased back into school and are happy and healthy we have chosen yoga for one session.

 We are also taking the junior children out to the woods in Scarisbrick every Thursday. I do not want you to go out and buy lots of uniform that may get spoilt/not be used before they grow out of it. We have discussed as a staff and think that children should be allowed to wear plain black or green joggers to school with their yellow polo neck t-shirts or school PE t-shirt, a plain green jumper, sweatshirt or green or black new Pinfold hoody for the first half of the Autumn term. Hopefully this should avoid you having to buy expensive trousers/dresses. As children will be wearing them to school everyday we will not have to worry about PE kits. Children will need black pumps or plain black trainers though. If they are plain black trainers they can come in them. Pumps would be too sweaty and bad for their feet to stay in all day. 

All children need a pair of wellies in school from September. Branded clothes are not appropriate for school. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation with this. If you are struggling please let us know. We predict a lot of mud so old waterproof dark coloured coats are the best option!

 I have just noticed 'shoe labels' are on our uniform page, I would advocate just writing it in in permanent marker and overwriting when it wears off. Labels just peel!

The colours of our school uniform are as follows (branded wear is not appropriate):

  • bottle green or black jogging trousers or grey shorts (for summer)
  • grey skirt or pinafore
  • bottle green cardigan, sweatshirt or jumper or black or bottle green hoody
  • white shirt and tie
  •  yellow polo shirt




Bottle green sweatshirts, yellow T-shirts, green or black hoodies with the school name can be ordered online or from Premier Sports in Ormskirk. All children should wear black school shoes, or completely plain black trainers. We encourage children to dress and undress independently so jogging bottoms are much easier for Willow class.

Please do not send your child in with lace up shoes/trainers unless they can fasten them. It is encouraged that children can fasten their own shoes/tie laces as soon as possible. Please practise with your children as soon as their fine motor skills allow, approximately age 4 years.


Jewellery is not allowed to be worn by the children as it may be lost or cause an accident. If children have pierced ears it is better to leave earrings at home. If they are lost we can have tears and it takes time out of learning looking for them.  Autumn term 2020 we will be very active so it is safer for no earrings or jewellery to be worn in school, thank you.

If they are freshly pierced they wil have to wear a plaster. We strongly recommend piercings to be done only at the start of the 6 week holidays so they can be removed when returning to school in September.

Coats and wellies 

We encourage all children to go out in all weathers to explore and experience nature. We have a mud pit and mud kitchen. Children will be getting muddy. Please bring your child a pair of wellies that they may leave in school. Please check they are the correct size at the end of each term. Coats for school should be warm, long and if possible waterproof. Coats should be in dark colours and easily washable. We have waterproof over trousers for children but it is hard to keep their coats clean. Please do not send in light coloured 'posh coats' as although we do our best to teach children how to cover up we can not be responsible for their condition.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Cosmetics and deodrants

Children should not wear make up or bring deodrants in to school. In some cases, when matches and PE clubs are attended children may bring roll on deodrants (not spray), but this must be agreed with the class teacher. Although we want our juniors to be more independent we do not want any sort of creams or balms left in bags as we have small children who could ingest them. Please make sure anything of this nature is left at home or if a necessity speak to your clas teacher so it can be left in a safe place.

PE Kit
All children need T-shirts and shorts in school colours. T-shirts can be white, bottle green, black or yellow and shorts can be bottle green or black. No branded sportswear is allowed. Children may wear tracksuit tops or hoodies and joggers for PE in cold weather, again these must be plain and of the school colours: bottle green or black. Children can wear black pumps or black trainers, again these must be plain, not branded.This PE kit should be kept in a bag and remain at school from Monday to Friday each week.

Children should also have a swimming kit – comprising of trunks or costume, swimming cap and a towel, all packed in a suitable named bag (Goggles can be worn in necessary).

Naming Clothing                                                                                                                                                         
Please write your child’s name on all clothes including shoes, pumps and wellies.


We encourage children to be independent, right from nursery. Please encourage your children to pack and carry their own bags. We will not be held responsible for any toys, jewellery or expensive clothing that is brought into school. Children in nursery should have velcro shoes until they can tie their laces. Please make sure your child can tie their laces themselves when you purchase shoes or trainers with laces. Nursery and reception children are still learning to be independent. Please think carefully about any fastenings, buttons on sleeves, belts or buckles.

Children may lose gloves regularly but the ones tied across their backs and thought their coats are very dangerous during Forest School activities and tricky if for example if they are being creative and gluing outside.

Tights are another tricky item for children when they are being toilet trained, they often get stuck over the toilet seat. Children will be rushing in to the toilet, having to take off, waterproofs, wellies and then quickly pull their pants off. I would advocate green or black jogging bottoms or leggings for the really young.

Ordering Uniform
Please click here to order direct from School Trends or go to Premier Sports Shop, 31 Aughton St, Ormskirk L39 3BH.


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