KS1 Curriculum
Considerable importance is attached to the children achieving and understanding mathematical processes, concepts and skills. There is a strong emphasis on the development of mental arithmetic and giving opportunities for pupils to use and apply mathematics in real life situations. Maths is taught through a daily Numeracy lesson which follows the principles of the Primary Numeracy Framework. In KS1 we also plan for opportunities to develop and apply key mathematical skills in other subjects throughout the year.

KS2 Numeracy
We consolidate the excellent grounding that the children receive in Key Stage 1.

Children are taught weekly mathematical topics and these are reflected in their weekly homework so that you as the parent/ guardian know what is being covered.

Children are assessed half termly and maths groups are adjusted depending on these results.

Catch up lessons and pre-maths tutoring are arranged for any children needing them.

Children are expected at all times to work at their ability levels not in their years.

You can see an overview of what is taught to each year group here.

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