All staff have been trained in Prevent awareness. In 2018 we were trained by Janet Crossley, HMI's Prevent Officer from Burnley. We update our knowledge and awareness of new trends in dangers for our children regularly. We learn about the signs to look out for and where to go for help. We update our Risk Assessment regularly. All our staff are involved. We are vigilant in teaching our children how to stay safe from radicalisation.

Our school, being a mainly white, rural, village school means our children may be vulnerable to being radicalised or coerced into such schemes as 'County Lines'. County lines is where gangs groom vulnerable children, usually, but not always, boys by giving them expensive trainers and such like then asking them to do jobs for them. This can happen on line in many ways, for example, promising V Bucks or weapons on Fortnite. Tik Tok is another piece of Social Media notorious for being dangerous. It is very important that as parents, we are aware of what our children are looking at on line and who they are talking to.

I have put some links on this page to useful videos that may help you understand about Prevent. It is available as support to help us recognise signs so we can intervene if we think children are in danger. It is our job as a school to ensure our children know the risks that are out there and how to keep themselves safe.

We also want to inform our parents so they can be extra vigilant and open to ensure the children are safe. Children who access mobile phones, tablets or Smart televisions in their rooms are vulnerable. It is like allowing a complete stranger into their bedrooms and shutting the door. Please be aware.

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