Early Years

Early Years Vision Statement

We are passionate about the early years. It is a vital time for every human, where children form attachments and learn behaviours very rapidly. Early Years education is the foundation upon which young children build the rest of their schooling. We want to make our learning as hands on and close to real life experiences as possible. Young children need to be outside, playing and exploring. Our children are able to have continuous access to the outside in all weathers.

We embrace the 'Characteristics of Effective Learning'.

We include the EYFS in whole school topics and visits. You will find a section for the EYFS at the beginning of all our wider curriculum and science overview documents on our 'Curriculum' web page.

We ensure teaching, assessment and challenge are consistent across the EYFS, (that is nursery and reception children) and ensure all areas of development are given equal weighting.

We ensure teaching and learning are taught through the characteristics of effective learning, taking into account the unique child, positive relationships and enabling environments.

Reading is prioritised to allow pupils to access the full curriculum offer.

There is a new Statutory Framework for the Early Years in September 2021. We have just written our Curriculum Education Programmes and will publish them on here as soon as they are finetuned. This will mean afew changes but mainly in the way evidence is recorded to reduce the workload for the practitioners and to ensure the priority is placed on teaching and sensitive interaction, so children can become engrossed in the play and learning becomes deeper and not interrupted.


There is also a new method of baseline assessing children in the first six weeks of term. This link will take you to the guidance from the government for parents:



We are currently updating our Early Years Policy in line with the new documentation.Please open the link below for our current Early Years Policy. We have not changed in our pedagogy so a lot of the policy is still relevant. 

This is a link to the guidance we follow when teaching your children. The document is called 'Development Matters':


In addition to following the Development Matters document we have designed our own curriculum to ensure learning throughout the school is cumulative and makes sense to the children in order to enable them to build on knowledge and make connections. Please see our curriculum overview below. The new updated curriculum and educational programmes are to follow.


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