Our Curriculum Intent

We believe children have an unlimited capacity for learning and personal success: our challenging and inspiring ‘Faraway Curriculum’ will create independent, critical thinkers, confident, responsible and caring;  high reaching learners, who can see the magic in our world. They will gain the skills, knowledge and strength of character to be able to keep themselves and others safe and happy, challenge discrimination and make our world a better place.

At Pinfold Primary Forest School we have carefully developed a cumulative curriculum specific to the unique needs of our children and our community.  We have called our curriculum 'The Faraway Curriculum' as it encompasses all things magical and reflects our love of fairy tales and the woodlands. Our curriculum ensures it covers the National Curriculum and beyond.

Our school has a unique make up and so our curriculum is bespoke. Our Faraway Curriculum is a four year curriculum, starting in the nursery. We have carefully thought about progression, prior learning, essential knowledge and vocabulary. We are clear about what we want our children to learn each term. This can be seen cohesively using our: Curriculum Overviews; Progression Documents; Planning Mats; Parent Information Posters and from our Learning Islands in our school environment. We believe in hands on and enquiry based learning. We have woven our Forest School ethos throughout our curriculum. As with the Primary Years Programme we have a stimulus, for example a trip, at the beginning of each term and then children end the term with a presentation of their learning for parents and peers. This helps celebrate and consolidate learning. Knowing more, remembering more. The half termly visits also enrich cultural capital, inspire our children and ensure all children start their learning on an even footing. 

Here is this terms Information Poster for parents:

Updates Information Poster Autumn 2023(1).png

We have one mixed age class. Our staff are very skillful in differentiation. Our curriculum allows for children to revisit their learning. We also ensure challenge. Alongside quality first teaching, children have independent challenges to complete. 

Please see our Faraway Curriculum Four Year Overviews below for more in-depth detail.


The Early Years Curriculum

You will be able to see how our curriculum recognises learning starts in the early years from our curriculum overviews. Please see our separate Early Years Curriculum document, and Early Years Policy, adhering to the statutory requirements of the EYFS 2021, to learn about our pedagogy and practice.

Special Educational Needs:

Our approach to the curriculum complies with duties set out in the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014. We ensure our curriculum is accessible to all. Where necessary and appropriate we may personalize the curriculum to children's specific needs.


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