Promoting British Values

At Pinfold Primary School we uphold British values by promoting:

Individual Liberty
We know how to get help with learning and personal problems.
Our views are important and are listened to.
Bullies will not be tolerated.
We feel safe and know who to talk to if we have fears or problems.
We are responsible for own behaviour.
We beleive in equality and challenge gender stereotyping.
We understand that liberty is precious and we celebrate the work of others, both past and present, who have contributed to our British values.


Tolerance of Different Faiths
We learn about different religions and festivals in R.E lessons, in assemblies and through stories, music and visiting places of worship.
We teach children beliefs and customs from a variety of religions and teach children how to reflect on their own beleifs and make connections, celebrating different religous festivals.

Rule of Law
We follow school rules and sanctions.
Our school council contribute to some decision making.
We display our school and class rules in every room.
We listen to all sides when sorting out disputes.
We know and agree what is ‘right and wrong’.
We take part in regular E-Safety & Cyber bullying education.
Law is incorporated into our PHSE lessons
We have a behaviour book.
We have playground rules and procedures (turn-taking) and respect our playground leaders.


Our school council is elected
We have 1 person 1 vote
The ballot is secret.
We often vote on items to be included in special events.
All of us have access to trips and clubs
We all have a chance to participate in any sporting event.
We are encouraged to hear every side of the story to resolve issues.

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Mutual Respect
We listen to, and play music, from other cultures, using these leads to compose our own music.
Our ASC and EYFS have non-gender specific dressing up clothes in their role play areas.
Our assemblies encourage us to tolerate and respect each other.
We discuss differences/similarities in faith, gender, ethnicity and disability,
We accept and understand the differing family circumstances.
We have good work assemblies
We have playground Leaders.
We have a chance to be a team member in a variety of situations including sports tournaments.
Our older children look after, and set good examples, for our younger members.
We listen to each other.

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