Willow Class  Homework

All children in Willow class are expected to read their reading book with parents at home as often as possible. Parents, carers, grandparents or even the child themselves can write a comment in the Home School Reading book when you have enjoyed a story or non-fiction book. It is great if your children want to read the book again and again. Talk about the characters, ask what may happen next, what could have happened if a character had done something differently or match up the spoken sound (phoneme) to the letter on the page. Writing in the reading diary helps us to know if your child enjoyed the story, any successes or areas of difficulty and when you need a new book. The books will be one that matches their phonic knowledge level and one that is purely for pleasure.

Willow homework is given out to Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 on Fridays and should be returned to school by the following Tuesday.

If parents have not been able to help the child with their homework please let the staff know and we can help. If a child regularly misses completing homework they may have to miss playtime to complete the work.

Oak Class Homework

Please continue the love of reading by asking the children about the book they are reading. Most children will still enjoy hearing you read to them or sharing their books with you. They should be independent enough to complete their reading diaries themselves but it would also be helpful to have positive comments from the adults. Children need to read at home for pleasure regularly. In this age of technology it really helps if your children see yourselves, adults, reading at home, even if this is newspapers or magazines. We have lots of books on our shelves for them to choose from.

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