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A visit from the Mayor of West Lancashire, by Mrs Zaim

Date: 20th Oct 2022 @ 8:59pm


It was an honour to host the Mayor of West Lancashire at our Forest School session. The children enjoyed showcasing their learning and articulating their love for being outsdie. The Mayor was very impressed with their confidence and passion for Forest School. We all enjoyed hot chocolate at the fire circle. It was a wonderful day! 

Forest School- Swinging with Onion!, by Mrs Tjaveondja

Date: 26th Apr 2021 @ 2:04pm

Our Christmas Play, written by the children! 'The Greatest Snowman!!', by Mrs Tjaveondja

Date: 19th Mar 2019 @ 1:41pm

The whole of Key Stage 2 shared ideas for genre, characters, settings, plots and then we voted on our favourite ideas. Our gifted and talented writers then worked with Mrs Tjaveondja to write the play, they even wrote the song lyrics!! It was very funny, "Oh no it wasn't, Oh yes it was!!!"

Community Christmas Dinner, by Mrs Tjaveondja

Date: 19th Mar 2019 @ 1:20pm

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